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We had a makeover!

Posted in Design on September 16th 2014

Hi there!

Welcome to the new and improved IT Consultis! After 3 great years, we felt our visual identity needed a bit of a makeover, which ended up turning into a full revamp of who we are as a brand. We are still the same fun, talented and passionate team, but now with a much better look.

It all started with our logo. Our original logo - the 4 multicolor, intertwining galaxy rings - was created to represent the 4 services our company was built upon: design, development, SEO and consulting. As time has passed, our services and clients have evolved, with e-commerce now being a big focus for us. Fo this reason, what was a great start-up logo, didn't fit the bill of who we are as an agency nowadays. For the new logo, we kept some elements of the old one (never forget where you came from!), while completely transforming our visual identity. The shape of both is hexagonal, but this time we chose a full rather than hollow icon and one simple color - red. Inspired by the Argyle red diamonds, we gave our logo the same "cut" that a diamond has using color gradients to create the 3D effect that brings it to live.

On the new Drupal website, we used this same "cuts" which color- and shape-shift as you hover over them, giving the homepage a truly eye-catching effect that makes a great first impression on anyone who visits us.

The aim of the website is to showcase our expertise and previous work, so in terms of UX, we wanted to keep everything as minimal as possible to keep the focus on the content of each page without distractions. To showcase our previous work in the most exciting way possible, we created a unique design for each project page - each of them reflecting the atmosphere of the project alongside the client's branding.

We chose flat design with an off-canvas navigation (the 3 stacked lines you usually see on mobile websites' and apps' menus) and implemented a slider on the homepage to showcase our latest projects. Sliders are also used in our expertise section to give a quick run through our services and their descriptions.

In terms of development, we decided to choose Drupal as the CMS, as we could fully customize the backend to manage all our content in a really easy way, saving us time when uploading or updating new content. However, we didn't just want the website to be easy for us to navigate behind the scenes, but also for all visitors on the front-end. To achieve this, we developed different modules, which provide a direct navigation through articles belonging to the same category. Our breadcrumbs have an innovative design with an amazing navigation, displaying very effectively where visitors are, and allowing them to go to the upper levels of the navigation with just one click.

Another cool feature is our contact page's map. We created a customized MapBox map, which is displayed in full-width as a narrow strip to start with, but once clicked on, expands to occupy a wider section of the page to give a more detailed view of our office allocation while also allowing people to navigate around it.

Explore our new look and great functionalities. We hope you like it!