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Leverage your traffic for recruitment purpose

Posted in Business on January 8th 2016
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Vice President and Co-founder at IT Consultis

"I recently came to China - to follow, like a dog, my Chinese wife. She was tired of Europe! Therefore I’m looking for a job in Shanghai."
That was some self-introduction... as funny as it sounds - we actually received it from a real candidate. Just when I thought nothing could surprise me anymore... well at least he caught my attention, I'll give him that.

HR is a vital part of any company's structure, but let's be honest here: it's also pretty much a pain in the bottom. Fortunately, we found a way to ease that pain and to actually make it appealing.

Why companies need to rethink their recruitment methods

Applicants send in resumes, recruiters or HR staff try to separate the creative resumes from the outright lies, everyone gets together for an interview. At the end of the process - if you're very lucky - your company has somehow singled out a new recruit with the right skills, attitude and ambition for your company. If, somewhere in this long labyrinth-of-a-process screening potential employees, something doesn't quite go right, the whole cycle starts over again until you finally find a candidate for the position.

Modern networks like LinkedIn provide a partial solution to the problem by making it easier to place your applicant in a wider context. With the built-in connections of online professional networks, your HR department can start to build up a picture of what your candidate's professional life looks like: whom they've worked with, what their responsibilities were and what kind of professional relationships they have built up over the years. But as useful as this information is, it's only part of the solution to a much wider problem - the problem of how to wade through all the unqualified candidates, wasted resources and misspent time to find the perfect new addition to your professional team.

And although LinkedIn is increasingly becoming popular in China (quite a challenge for a Western social media channel, breaking through in a country that favors its home-grown companies - so kudos to LinkedIn); it's still not the optimum way for companies in China to reach most of the candidates.

So where should companies be that is also highly visible to candidates? What if there were a way to kill two birds with one stone: to vastly cut down on the time and resources that go into hiring, and to use social media to find most of the right candidates?

That's the aim of IT Consultis' WeChat recruitment platform: a recruiting tool that taps directly into both brands' and consumers' social media habits to play virtual matchmaker between businesses and the talent they need.

Please note our recruitment platform benefits brands with a large amount of traffic since it relies on the company's existing traffic to attract candidates.

How WeChat can enhance recruitment

The reason why we chose WeChat for our recruiting platform is because WeChat is obviously the preferred communication tool in China. With 650 million monthly active users, WeChat is simply a must-have to communicate in China.

Some facts about WeChat you should know:

  • There are 650 million monthly active users on WeChat (Q3 2015)
  • A Chinese adult spend an average minimum time of 40 min on WeChat per day
  • 55.2% of WeChat users open WeChat at least 10 times per day (minimum average)

Topping the above figures with the average commute time in China's top tier cities of 50+ minutes: how do you think people are killing time during transportation?

WeChat is definitely the place to be. For this reason, we, at IT Consultis, chose to develop a recruitment tool that would use WeChat and all its benefits to cut out the middleman completely by putting businesses directly in touch with potential candidates.

So what does it look like? On the brand's WeChat account, it takes the form of a Menu tab. Inside that tab: a whole Career section for users to view and apply for open positions without leaving WeChat.

Zara WeChat account

This Career tab is visible to anybody following the account or scanning QR codes that might be accessible on the brand's website or through print work.

Decathlon's website

From the candidates' side, they can apply for any open position through WeChat with just a few clicks - from browsing through the job descriptions and entering information about their profile.

Decathlon HR Platform

Benefits of recruiting using WeChat, from a brand perspective:

  1. Implement a scalable solution. This allows brands to post a targeted job ad for a specific role at a particular location, or to upload multiple ads for mass recruiting purposes.

  2. Use the existing traffic, from multi-sources: social media, websites, stores and events (including with a QR code). Again, the recruitment platform leverages existing traffic so this tool targets brands with a large amount of followers/visitors.

  3. Quality deeper through localisation and filtering. HRs can then engage one-to-one conversation with applicants. A user who spend time going through this process has more chances to actually be interested in the position than one who has applied to millions of jobs on job boards.

  4. Save time and resources with unlimited job descriptions upload and the ability to manage them from the platform, completely eliminating the time and costs associated with external recruitment agencies.

  5. Link the platform to a company ERP so HRs can receive and manage all information from their usual platform.

  6. Platform can evolve. We use Drupal, an open-source technology backed by a large community of developers ensuring Drupal is secure and up to date with standards. In terms of platform evolution, it means we are able to endlessly add/modify the tool so it fits the client's business needs, while still ensuring a relevant technology behind it.

  7. Use/create a CRM, meeting HR recruitment needs. This will enable tracking potential fits within a corporation to fill specific positions. This could typically help monitor personal development plans, positions wait lists, etc.

  8. Link the platform to other social media to fit applicants behavior outside China.

  9. The cool factor - shows candidates the company is following trends.

IT Consultis' WeChat recruitment platform aims to attract and gather as much data as possible on potential candidates, and then maximise what use you can make out of these data to support the company's hiring process.

Successful engagement with consumers, whether for recruiting or other business, is all about integrating into the lives they already have. WeChat is already the platform of choice for millions of users who already spend time interacting with friends and brands every day during long commutes and in their free time. If someone who might be a perfect fit for your company is already interacting with your brand on WeChat, well, why not put yourself in the best position to find them?

For more information about IT Consultis' WeChat recruitment platform, and if you want to hear my French accent for 45 minutes; feel free to watch and listen to this webinar:10 reasons why you should use WeChat for better and faster recruitment plans hosted by Koehler Group. (VPN required)