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[Singapore] Navigating Chinese Digital Ecosystem @ ADB-DutchCham

Posted in News & Events on September 10th 2018

On Tuesday September 2nd, the General Manager of ITC Singapore, Adrien Boué, had the opportunity to deliver a presentation titled “Navigating Chinese Digital Ecosystem” at ADB-DutchCham Singapore, covering the latest trends in the Chinese digital and e-commerce market. The event was co-organized with RIFF APAC.

Adrien’s presentation was aimed at CEOs, business owners, e-commerce managers and digital marketing managers to build their knowledge of the Chinese digital ecosystem and develop strategies to approach this market. It focused on the specificities of the Chinese fast-growing e-commerce market, describing the rise of social commerce, WeChat mini programs, KOLs, live streaming, and O2O. Adrien also analyzed how these trends have a profound impact on the way brands are approaching the market with detailed case studies of typical B2C and B2B brands.

Mitchell Dröge, Digital Business Consultant at RIFF APAC, and co-organizer of the event, shared his feedback on the presentation:

For the first event ever organized by the Digital Committee of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (ADB-DutchCham), we had the pleasure of following an excellent lecture on Chinese Digital Ecosystems by Adrien Boué from IT Consultis. The breadth and depth of topics discussed, ranging from UX/UI and interesting idiosyncrasies of Chinese e-commerce platforms to influencer marketing and psychology of the Chinese consumers, were both useful and entertaining. As an internationally operating digital marketing agency, we truly value IT Consultis as a partner for web development in the APAC region.

Many thanks to ADB-Dutch Chamber of Commerce Singapore for organizing these events. Stay tuned for more!!