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[Singapore] How to Plan a Strategy and Get Things Done by IT Consultis and FABERNOVEL Singapore

Posted in News & Events on November 6th 2018

On November 1, General Manager at ITC Singapore, Adrien Boué, participated in the morning sharing session at AmCham Singapore and successfully delivered the presentation “China Digital Ecosystem: How to plan a strategy and get things done”.

The event was organized by AmCham Singapore, co-hosted by Sylvain Joandel, General Manager at FABERNOVEL Singapore, with the attendance of high-level managers and directors from well-known companies in Asia such as P&G, Mitsui Fudosan (Asia), as well as innovative start-ups and agencies.

Adrien’s presentation focuses on three aspects of China Digital Ecosystem:

  • Characteristics of Chinese e-commerce
  • How social media is going commerce
  • Leverage social tools to drive conversion

Figure 1. A day in the life of a typical Chinese consumer

Each part was discussed in details with selected real-life case studies from the Chinese market, together with actionable takeaways for brands.


Figure 2. Xiaohongshu - a rising social commerce platform

JC Sekar, Co-Founder and CEO at AcuiZen Technologies Singapore, shared his feeling about the event:

The speakers Adrien Boué from IT Consultis and Sylvain Joandel from FABERNOVEL spoke from several years of direct on-the-ground experience and interaction with the digital ecosystem in China. The informative talks covered the buyer psychology of a typical Chinese customer, the players in the booming e-commerce platform and likely trends in the marketplace. The members were also provided with insightful nuances of navigating through the system stressing on the importance of technology, UI/UX and influencer marketing.

Thank you AmCham Singapore for organizing this event and look forward to our next collaboration!