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A Shopping WeChat Mini Program built with Adobe Commerce: Kids Around

Posted in E-commerce on December 31st 2020

Kids Around is a French minimalist boutique concept store that unites a wide variety of premium children's fashion brands, ranging from Billieblush, Billybandit, BOSS to DKNY, Karl Lagerfield Kids, Little Marc Jacobs and Timberland. Owned by the Children Worldwide Fashion (CWF) group, Kids Around features an extensive selection of elegant styles for children aged between 0 and 16.

Formerly known as Atelier de Courcelles, this newly-evolved brand has brought online all the latest fashion trends for children and babies - both seasonal and classic - providing an innovative “mix & match” shopping experience for its customers.

Kids Around: What They Needed

Developed in collaboration with famous designer Christophe Pillet, Kids Around has a strong footing in the children’s fashion market, opening more than 30 outlets across Europe and the Asia Pacific since 2010. In 2019, they opened their first store in China. Intending to increase its retail sales in China, Kids Around realized the need to adapt their marketing strategy to the country’s competitive e-commerce environment. Kids Around therefore wanted to upgrade its shopping experience by offering a more personalized online shopping experience. To achieve this goal, Kids Around required the help of a standalone WeChat Mini Program.

With years of software development experience in China, IT Consultis was well placed to support them.

Kids Around's WeChat Mini Program Key Features

In response to Kid Around's requirements, we successfully developed a bespoke WeChat Mini Program that reflected their brand image with the following features:

A User-Centric Navigation Design

Unlike a passive e-commerce platform, the Mini Program we developed for Kids Around takes online shopping experiences to the next level by reaching out to its users proactively. Rather than simply overwhelming users with an extensive product catalogue directly on the landing page, the program first ascertains products they are interested in before taking them to the relevant page. Navigation aids such as this helped to customize the user journey with a more targeted goal, providing the user with a more convenient and seamless navigation experience.

Program Design

In addition to software development, we are also proficient in conveying brand messages through purposeful use of graphic design within the Mini Program. For the Kids Around's Mini Program, we opted for a simple yet elegant design. The pure white aesthetic reflects the effortless and enjoyable user experience, and embodies the brand itself. Moreover, the use of white symbolizes the purity and innocence of children, in line with both the target audience and brand imagery of Kids Around. White is also a colour that represents perfection, which visually conveys the Kids Around's product quality guarantee.

2-in-1 Personalized Shopping Experiences

Unlike Mini Programs launched by other fashion brands, the Kids Around Mini Program offers a customizable shopping experience, based on both the price range and the type of clothing desired by the user. The landing page of the Mini Program offers 2 calls-to-action (CTA) linked to 2 different shopping experiences, categorized as “Luxury” and “Premium”respectively. If the user opts for the "Luxury" experience, he or she will have access to clothing from luxury fashion brands such as Gucci and Givenchy. The "Premium" landing page, on the other hand, offers more affordable boutique brands, such as Timberland. These built-in experiences are in-lined with the Kids Around's brand message: the belief that children's clothing should be a lifestyle choice and not a passing trend. Hence they empower their users to experience these lifestyle choices via a more personalized experience.

Why A Standalone WeChat Mini Program?

According to e-commerce research by Alarice and ChoZan on the consumer habits of parents with children aged between 0 and 12, affluent mothers in China are on WeChat more or less constantly throughout the day. The research also showed that engagement with WeChat Mini Programs is growing significantly in all user groups, with monthly-active-users exceeding 1.2 billion and total transactions exceeding 800 billion. With the rising popularity of the WeChat Mini Program in the Chinese market, it clearly made sense for Kids Around to develop a standalone WeChat Mini Program to better serve its users and realize its ambitious retail sales targets. There are a number of advantages in choosing a standalone WeChat Mini Program as the platform to promote your products. Some of these advantages are listed below.

Third-Party Marketplace vs. WeChat Mini Program

Outstanding user experience is one of the keys to a successful marketing strategy. It sets the brand apart and increases its sales potential. While brands can opt for third-party B2C marketplaces, like Tmall, as a platform for their online stores, there is limited flexibility, both in terms of store design and user experience. As a dedicated B2C platform for local and international businesses to sell quality products to consumers in the Chinese market, Tmall offers only pre-made templates for store design and limited user experience features, with products organized solely according to category and brands. Such limitations have resulted in more or less identical interfaces throughout the entire platform. Brands therefore find it difficult to stand out among the many competitors.

A Standalone ecommerce WeChat Mini Program

With a standalone WeChat Mini Program, Kids Around is able to customize its interface, and provide engaging user experience in a long period of time. Longer-term also means lower costs. It is also the only e-commerce platform in the Chinese market that provides a 2-in-1 shopping experience function. In this way, Kids Around fulfils its ultimate vision; to offer a unique online buying experience for all its customers. Moreover, the WeChat Mini Program is built within the WeChat platform, a popular social media ecosystem. This will not only potentially help to drive more convertible traffic to the Kids Around offline stores, but also allows its users to enter via different access points to the program - such as Weibo, WeChat articles and WeChat search. This provides convenience for users in terms of navigation, and potentially increases the exposure of the brands it showcases.

Why Adobe Commerce Magento?

Building a WeChat Mini Program with Adobe Commerce Magento gives Kids Around the added advantage it needs to promote its brand identity and develop a unique user journey tailored to its customers.

Easily Scalable & Spacious

Out of all the CMS solutions on the market right now, Adobe Commerce offers unparalleled inventory management capabilities, and huge storage space, capable of accommodating up to 500,000 products on one site and managing more than 80,000 orders per hour. The only limitation on the number of products it can carry is the server itself. With Adobe Commerce Magento, therefore, Kids Around will have no issues with upscaling this digital asset as its business grows, and can also look forward to lower operations costs.

Built for Sales

Unlike other CMS systems, which typically have e-commerce functionality as an optional add-on, Adobe Commerce is specially optimized for driving sales. In the first place, its segmentation capabilities allow Kids Around to target users with personalized content based on their current shopping cart and buying history. It also allows Kids Around to tailor on-site promotions and up sells, as users will be shown ad content specifically curated for them. Furthermore, Adobe Commerce has also a highly effective advanced search engine optimization (SEO) function, meaning that Kids Around products have a higher chance of appearing on search engines such as Baidu and Shouhu, or even Google and Bing. Alternative payment functions are another key ingredient of a successful marketing strategy. Adobe Commerce Magento makes this possible as well, with the possibility of easy integration with third-party payment platforms such as WeChat. It also offers a one-page checkout option, meaning that users will be less likely to exit the Kids Around Mini Program before making a purchase, resulting in higher conversions and more revenue for Kids Around.

Highly Customizable

From the aesthetics of the program to the configuration of product categories and features, Adobe Commerce Magento provides unlimited scope for innovation. For example, if Kids Around decided to launch coupons or create a loyalty program in the future, they could do so within the same program. Additional features include the addition of a store navigator, where users can explore the store virtually via the program. This aligns well with Kids Around's plan to open a new store in Shanghai in 2021, and to implement a store navigator. Personalization typically comes with security concerns. This is not an issue with Adobe Commerce Magento, which allows businesses to customize their own security protocols, and manage internal access with softwares such as PCI Data Security, CAPTCHA and secondary passwords. It’s important to note, however, that this level of customization requires coding from scratch. As such, it is important for business owners who wish to use this CRM to hire an experienced Magento developer like ITC to create a quality and customized program, as Kids Around chose to do with their Mini Program.

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