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[Shanghai] WeChat CRM & Driving Engagement @ CCI FRANCE CHINE

Posted in News & Events on December 28th 2018

Last Thursday, December 12, ITC was grateful to deliver a sharing session organized by CCI FRANCE CHINE Shanghai and reserved exclusively to members of the Chamber. ITC’s Consulting and Strategy Manager, Nisha Rao, gave the audience an in-depth presentation on WeChat CRM, Loyalty Programs and How to Drive Engagement in China, receiving lots of attention and positive feedback.

Nisha’s presentation focused on 2 parts:

  • The fundamentals of Social CRM on WeChat
  • Tactics to Drive Engagement in China: Segmentation, Automation & Customer Service, Customization & Personalization, 48 Hour Targeting, Analytics, and Loyalty Programs

Detailed methodology, real-life case studies, and actionable takeaways were discussed to guide the audience throughout the journey of social CRM and provide the audience with an all-round knowledge of driving engagement in China’s disruptive environment.

Many thanks to CCI FRANCE CHINE for organizing the event. Looking forward to more collaboration in the future!