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Mobile Application Development for China : Features example

Posted in E-commerce on September 28th 2020
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Are you wondering how to develop an application in China? What are the features you should think about ? Permobil chose ITC to develop their Mobile Application for China. 

Let’s have a look at the Mobile App development in detail.


A Mobile Application for the Chinese Market: The Permobil Case


What is Permobil?

Permobil is a healthcare solution company that provides healthcare solutions to people with disabilities who want to have a more independent lifestyle. They provide, manufacture and sell wheelchairs in 70 countries. Permobil is revolutionizing the wheelchair market by offering customizable wheelchairs.

They have the specificity of providing customized wheelchairs. People with disabilities can entirely build their own personalized wheelchair, choosing among dozens of designs and features, and be able to see how it looks like. Last but not least, they can also know about the price.

What was Permobil’s demand?

Permobil is revolutionizing the wheelchair market by extending the offer of wheelchairs and simplifying processes.

Revolutionizing the Wheelchair Applications

The healthcare company was looking for a Mobile Application for the Chinese market. Their goal was to improve the traditional way of ordering wheelchairs and provide visualization about the future look.

Permobil offers a large personalization of designs and features, and they wanted a user-friendly Mobile Application able to display their catalogue. The challenge was to make something simple and clear, easy to navigate

Making Life Simple

If you have already dealt with ordering healthcare equipment, you may know how complicated the process is nowadays.

Ordering a wheelchair is exhausting. You have to fulfill many forms before going to the chair dealer, and you are not even sure about how the wheelchair looks like and if it will suit you.

And then comes Permobil. The healthcare company had the desire to simplify the processes, using a Mobile Application that removes the complexity.

Attracting More Chinese Customers

Developing a Mobile Application for the Chinese Market has also the advantage of attracting more customers

Chinese netizens barely use a laptop to purchase online: they prefer to use their Mobile Phone. As of June 2020, about 1.6 billion mobile phone subscriptions had been registered in China, and mobile devices generate 80% of the retail eCommerce sales.

A Mobile Application is then the right choice to sell in China. However, additional features should be thought to adapt your Mobile Application to the Chinese Market. Among them, Wechat logins should be integrated to facilitate the registration process.

WeChat is the most popular social application in China, gathering more than 1.2 billion monthly active users in August 2020. Implementing WeChat to your Mobile Application in China is a real advantage to leverage sales.


Why did Permobil choose an Application over a Mini Program?


Have a look at Permobil's Mobile App for China by clicking here.

Permobil decided to develop a Mobile Application instead of a WeChat Program for several reasons. 

First, they wanted a Mobile platform they could use in China, but not only. Permobil wanted an eCommerce Mobile platform accessible for everyone. A WeChat Mini Program would have limited the visits to China, excluding a large part of the rest of the world. With a Mobile Apps, Permobil services are accessible everywhere in the world, in all devices. The Application is indeed available for iOS as well as Android Mobile Phones.

Second, even if a WeChat Mini Program is a great solution for many eCommerce Brands, it comes with some limitations. The frameworks and designs of a Mini Program has to follow WeChat regulations. Therefore, a Mobile Application offers more customization and flexibility

Last but not least, applications are more stable solutions. The structure is entirely built, owned and managed independently from another provider - aka WeChat, making it easier to solve technical problems.

The Application ITC Developed for China


At the same time simple and full of information, the HomePage gathers several tabs: 

  • About Us: It permits us to learn more about Permobil’s mission and vision.

  • Chair Builder: The main feature of the Mobile Application. We will discover more about it in the next section.

  • What’s New: It gives recent updates about how it is living with a wheelchair.

  • Models: Some models are presented.

Registration to the Mobile Application

After downloading the Application, the registration is the first step. Users can choose to register with their WeChat account, or to create a new account.

The registration was thought to be fast and easy. The form can indeed be fulfilled in less than a minute.


Have a look at the way WeChat connect to the Permobil's Application by clicking here.


Once the registration process is complete, users can access all the Mobile Apps features.

The Profile was thought to be user-friendly and intuitive as much as possible. They can personalize their profile and start to look at Permobil’s catalogue.

On their profile, they can change their picture, have a look at their Wishlist as well as the current chair they own by clicking on “My Registered TiLite”. This last feature is very useful to check when they have to come back to the dealer for the future maintenance.


The ChairBuilder is the Mobile Application tool that permits people diving into the different features and creating their own personalized wheelchair.


To make sure users understand the feature better, a quick tutorial on how to build a wheelchair will first appear before accessing the tool.

It aims to provide users with all information they need, without having to look elsewhere than inside the Mobile Application.


The different Wheelchair series are also displayed in this section. Users can get inspiration and learn more about the different models.

Start Building 

After having a look at all the possibilities, users can start building their own wheelchair. 

They can simply select each feature like if they were shopping in an eCommerce website.

All features selected appear inside the ChairBuilder, price included. Permobil is indeed providing complete transparency to help people make the better choice.

Each option can be easily removed if a Chair builder changes his mind.

Wishlist: Save your Design Inside your Mobile App

A specificity of Permobil’s Mobile Application is the option to save the chair you customized. You can then compare several final models, their features, prices and designs. Would you like to have your friends and family’s opinion before buying it? Just show them the different wheelchair you have selected and ask for their opinion.

The wishlist is also an easy way to share the wheelchair of your dreams with the vendors, who will directly understand what you want. 

Find Dealer: a Convenient Application's Feature 

So now you built the perfect wheelchair with the Chairbuilder, you saved it on your wishlist and you are ready to buy it. 

To facilitate the purchase ITC and Permobil thought about an easy system to help you find the closest dealer. Thanks to the “Find Dealer” features you can easily check a map of all chair dealers around you.

The feature provides a maximum of information about the dealer: name, address, GPS location and phone number. You don’t need to waste time and leave the Application to know who to phone and where to go.

Developing a Mobile Application for China with ITC

A Chinese Market Expertise

At ITC, we are a team of more than 60 people, located in 3 different countries: China, Singapore and Vietnam. 

With a majority of native Chinese employees and our headquarter located in Shanghai for more than 9 years, we developed a strong expertise of the Chinese market. 

The Chinese culture has many specificities from the user experience to special features such as Wechat logins. Fortunately, our team is used to adapting to the Chinese codes. Avoid mistakes when it comes to entering the Chinese market by choosing ITC. 

Handling Chinese Specificities inside the mobile app

Building Mobile Applications in China involves regulation and paperworks to deal with. At ITC, we are able to handle all steps to transform your Application project in China into a successful realization.

An example of a Chinese feature integration to a Mobile App can be the WeChat logins. You absolutely need to implement this kind of option for a Chinese audience, as it is the most popular way to register in China.

Make you Mobile App easy to access and user-friendly by incorporating a WeChat login to your Mobile Application. 

Availability and Flexibility of the application

The ITC Team was able to adapt to Permobil requests during all the project building. The Chairbuilder was changed several times, until the client was entirely satisfied with the results. Many new ideas came during the development of the Mobile Application, and ITC could implement them in time. 

At ITC, we listen to your projects and do our best to bring the best added value to your digital solution for China and APAC.


How long did the mobile application project take?

Permobil’s Mobile Application development took 5 months from the consulting to the final delivery.


The Words of the Project Manager : Trinh 

“Yes, we were very flexible in adapting the changes with the clients. They were changing the content as we were building the app. We supported them with the store submission.” 


What About your Mobile Application Project in China? 

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