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[JAN 2019] ITC Report - Latest Digital Projects

Posted in Business on January 14th 2019

Redefining the Excellence of French Culture in China

Faguowenhua Website Revamp

Faguowenhua is a digital project owned by the Embassy of France in China. The Faguowenhua website serves as a portal to inspire Chinese people to participate in France-related cultural events and spread the French Culture in China.

For this project, ITC delivered a fully revamped website with improved UI/UX localized to the Chinese market, as well as an easy-to-manage CMS. To reflect the French feeling and identity, ITC crafted the web design with a blue and red color scheme, aligning with Faguowenhua logo (which is itself inspired by the French flag colors). Cutting-edge web design principles were also applied such as flat design, large visuals, beautiful sliders, and hidden menu to optimize spaces. For the CMS, headless architecture was applied with Drupal 8 as the back-end and ReactJS as the front-end, while content from the previous website was automatically migrated to the new one. Another remarkable feature is the integration of Mapbox, providing maps that are compatible with all devices.

The final result is a fully revamped website with enhanced UI/UX, better SEO and 20% faster performance than the average results (based on GT Metrix).

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Reaching a Larger Audience to Foster Education

Scholastic Website Revamp

NASDAQ-listed Scholastic is the largest children’s book publisher in the world, operating in 13 countries and exporting to over 150 countries by bringing books and educational materials of the highest quality to children.

To help Scholastic differentiate its brand and offerings among dozens of competitors to get visibility and reach a larger audience, ITC worked on a full revamp of the Scholastic website for the Chinese market. Leveraging the headless architecture with Drupal 8 for the back-end and ReactJS for the front-end, ITC helped Scholastic build a web platform with an exciting and friendly design reflecting the brand image of Scholastic, together with clear sitemap and navigator, and a useful center locator with an introduction of each center, images, and interactive map. The revamped website brings a stunning digital experience for Scholastic’s users, highlighting the curriculums to help the parents find the most suitable after-school English courses for their children. At the same time, the website also helps Scholastic to attract more investors to join the franchise.

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Advanced Product Customization for an Engaging User Journey

MYT Shutters Website Revamp

Originated from Australia, MYT Shutters has a 10-year history of successfully developing, manufacturing and exporting globally premium-quality shutters with smart, customized designs.

The Interactive Shutter Visualizer

To showcase the quality of MYT Shutters products with a clear, performant and engaging buying journey, ITC helped MYT Shutter revamp its website and deploy an innovative web-based application. A variety of best practices were applied for the MYT Shutter website, including a clear sitemap structure, sticky and attractive CTAs, high-quality visuals and multilingual content. The website showcases the product pages with details of pictures, descriptions, and specifications, along with a link to conveniently book an appointment. The most remarkable element of the MYT Shutter website is the online tool called Interactive Shutter Visualiser, which allows users to customize the shutter design online, and “place” the shutter on the picture of their home to see if it is suitable. The headless architecture was used to build the project, Laravel for the backend, and React, threeJS, HTML5 canvas for the frontend. Thanks to this outstanding digital experience, MYT can now boast an online journey reflecting the brands' utmost quality and attention to details.

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Empowering Healthy Lifestyles With an Advanced Mini Program

Linwards WeChat Mini Program

Founded by Julie Costerg, a French entrepreneur and expert in the F&B, hospitality, tourism and wellness industries, with 7 years hands-on experience in Mainland China, Linwards is a platform designed to help people find their inner balance by connecting them with holistic wellness activities.

To facilitate this connection any time, anywhere, ITC helped Linwards launch an optimized WeChat mini program for its on-the-go service, to provide an accessible, easy to use service to those looking to find wellness-oriented offerings around them. Linwards Mini Program allows users to locate healthy-lifestyle oriented venues on a map, with a catalog of venues divided into 4 categories: EAT - MOVE - SHOP - STOP. The mini-program was drafted with inspiring design, bringing a peaceful feeling, and a harmony between body and mind health state. CTAs are highlighted and easy to find, creating smooth navigation and easily draw users to take the desired actions. There are two set of features for users to explore the venues and for vendors to register and manage the venues. Technologies for this project include Drupal 8 for backend and VueJS for the frontend. Thanks to the WeChat Mini Program, Linwards can now attract more people interested in living healthy and facilitate connections between health-service providers and users.

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