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[Shanghai] ITC’s Story - How to Build and Grow a Successful Startup

Posted in News & Events on August 28th 2018

Last week, we were honored to welcome at our office over 20 members of the Mulliez Family, the French group holding famous retail chains such as Leroy Merlin, Decathlon, Kiabi, and more, and deliver a speech about building and growing a successful startup.

The members of the Mulliez family listening to the presentation

Aurelien Rigart, ITC's Vice President and Co-founder, shared strategies and tips to build and grow a startup

During the speech presentation, our Vice President and Co-founder Aurelien Rigart shared with the audience strategies to build and grow a startup, telling real-life stories of what ITC has experienced during the journey from a small business to a fast growing agency. He emphasized that in order to build a successful startup, founders and decision makers need to follow specific methodologies, including setting the right goals, collaborating with the right people, networking extensively, working hard and smart, and more.

Experiencing QR code scanning with WeChat

We were very grateful to share our story with the members of the Mulliez Family, and hope to have provided valuable advice. Many thanks to Alexis Richez and ZTP for organizing this event.

Aurelien with Alexis (the organizer) and the members of the Mulliez family