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ITC At The WeChat Marketing Live : The Complementarity of Public And Private Traffic

Posted in WeChat on March 10th 2021

IT Consultis at the WeChat Marketing Live

IT Consultis was proud to join the ​WeChat Marketing Summit organized on the 4th of March by ​Entrepnr​.

The ​WeChat Marketing Summit is an event organized by ​Entrepnr about best practices on WeChat: WeChat Marketing, Mini Programs, Paid Advertising, Private Traffic, eCommerce and more...

Nisha RAO, ITC's Head of Consulting & Strategy Department, shared her insights about eCommerce in China and how brands could complement public and private traffic to drive growth.


Section 1

Public and Private Traffic, An Overview
Both public and private traffic are essential to businesses. Public traffic is open to everyone, such as Baidu and Alibaba. It allows brands to build their awareness by participating actively in platforms’ campaigns and events. They get traffic from the platform. On the other hand, private traffic is a controllable traffic pool based on the “public traffic” platform. It allows brands to have full ownership on their traffic and data, and thus enables brands to personalize customer experiences and build up customer loyalty.


Section 2

Why Brands Should Adopt A Hybrid Strategy
To develop a full digital ecosystem, brands are encouraged to adopt a hybrid, Omnichannel strategy. In this section, we provide detailed analysis on two successful brands with hybrid strategy: Burberry and Maje. We also analyzed how brands can efficiently incorporate digital public traffic, physical stores, and digital private traffic together for seamless interconnection between all their digital assets.


Our Speaker

Nisha RAO, Head of Consulting & Strategy at ITC Shanghai

For over 10 years, Nisha has held many key positions as a Senior Project Manager and Consultant for well-known brands across the United States including Nike, Kraft-Heinz, UnitedHealth Group, Target and many others.
At IT Consultis, Nisha is leading the Consulting and Strategy Department, focusing on improving performance and delivering the best strategies for her clients, with the best ROI.

"It was a pleasure to be speaking again at the WeChat Marketing Event, and interesting to see the different topics this time around.  Lots of great questions from the audience specifically in the private traffic realm, a space that definitely merits larger focus with the ever-evolving e-commerce space in China. Hope you enjoyed the session as much as I did!"

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