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IT Consultis Two Years So Far: Quite Fantastic!

Posted in News & Events on April 5th 2013

##Time flies## It’s been two fantastic years for IT Consultis, and we couldn’t have done it without the talent and dedication of our team and, of course, the trust given to us by all our clients. What’s amazing about this business we’re in is that every single day is an opportunity to meet new and exciting people. Entrepreneurs and businesspeople approach us, simply wanting to establish their company’s online presence. Initially, they become our clients, but in the long run, we also end up as friends. That’s one of the perks of this business. As we look back to our past two years, we can’t help but be reminded of all those days and nights we sweated out each project. (Yes, even just sitting on a chair, coding and geeking out in front of the PC is a sweaty affair.) From time to time, the scorching heat of Shanghai still bothers us, but we’ve learned to live with it and even appreciate it, as this is our home now. Recently, our melting pot of a team—which previously consisted of French (myself included), Chinese, Indian, got two more additions: a Kiwi and a Spanish. We’re happy to welcome them aboard. ##Time for celebration## And to celebrate our second anniversary, we’ll be going out of town for a little company weekend. The program? We’ll keep it low-key and simple. * Friday night right after work, rent out a bus out to take us out of the city. Celebration starts right in the bus. We can’t get too drunk –yet- of course and miss out the rest of the party. * We’ve rented two villas, with all the perks included: swimming pool, Jacuzzi, pool, table tennis, and, of course, barbecue! * Next day, a hike up the mountains to enjoy the view and the breeze and the simple joyous fact that we’re not in front of our PCs for a change. * Then back to our villas, where it’s party time! We’ll light up the barbecue, open the bottles (alcoholic this time) and generally have a geeky, fun time all night till Sunday. We’re looking forward to this special weekend. And we can’t wait to post the pictures.