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The Secrets Behind Havaianas Mini Program

Posted in WeChat on June 25th 2021
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Enabling Digital Transformation for Havaianas

Havaianas is the world #1 flip-flop sandals Brazillian brand created in 1962 and is owned by the manufacturing company Alpargatas S.A. The brand is highly successful and is worn by customers all around the world.

Coming to ITC, Havaianas have multiple goals in their digital roadmap for China:

  • Leverage WeChat to create a seamless Omnichannel ecosystem in private traffic
  • Maximize all digital assets (CRM, public traffic channels, brick-and-mortar stores, etc)
  • Improve understanding of user segmentation to provide the best customer experience
  • Provide customers with an end-to-end online shopping experience

Understanding these goals, the ITC team has set out to empower Havaianas to achieve private traffic dominance in China by incorporating a well-rounded 4 Pillar strategy that serves as the core centerpiece for Omnichannel excellence.

ITC Solutions: Accelerated Pathway to Digital Transformation

Business Intelligence and System Integration

Before coming to ITC, Havaianas’ main sales channels in China was through public marketplaces such as & Tmall. As a global brand with international footprint, Havaianas owns multiple digital assets both inside and outside of the Chinese Firewall.

Havaianas’ digital assets overview

With an ambition to build up their own private traffic channels, the Brazillian brand would like to have a digital infrastructure that will be well-integrated with their existing channels. Here, analyzing each asset and providing recommendations for everything is key to ensure the brand will have a solid foundation to get started with private traffic.

Top Notch Marketing Automation & Social CRM

As a mission to build and nurture a community of Havaianas’ fans in China, ITC has also enacted a Marketing Automation strategy to maximize the capabilities of Havaianas’ WeChat Official Account.

Personalized WeChat Welcome Journeys

Setting up an entire welcome journey is the first step to allow Havaianas to collect data about their users and offer them a better user experience. As Havaianas consumers might enter from different sources including offline stores, Moments sharing, QR codes and more, creating user journeys for different scenarios are important to set a solid foundation for a personalized, unique online experience.

For Official Account followers:

  • Users will receive welcome messages for welcome surveys with incentives, member registration benefits, promotional news, Mini Program card
  • If they click on menu buttons, they will be incentified to register as a member in Havaianas WeChat Mini Program
  • If they scan Unique QR codes, they will receive unique promotion cards for campaigns, store listings and so on.


For Mini Program consumers:

  • Users will be incentified to follow the Official Account
  • The welcome message will push them to register as a member for unique benefits by leaving their mobile, address, and birthday
  • Following the Official Account will also earn them extra points, which they can then redeem for coupons and vouchers to purchase on the WeChat Mini Program.

For each action, it will trigger the journeys dedicated to a group of followers for different scenarios. In addition, the data is shared between the WeChat Official Account and Mini Program, allowing for perfect data synchronization for Havaianas to have effective data-driven analytics.

Maximize the Power of 48 Hours Window

By default, WeChat Service Accounts only allow brands to send out 4 push messages per month. The 48 hour window is a critical opportunity to capture as much information as possible to lay the foundation for data capture and creation of valuable user journeys.

Read our article about the 48 hours window

The 48 Hour Window is activated once a follower follows Havaianas’ WeChat Official Account for the first time. During the first 48 hours, WeChat allows brands like Havaianas to send a maximum of 3 messages in the first minute. Afterwards, if the users perform an action that is “active” such as menu clicks, scanning QR codes, sending messages in the chat, making payment,... then the brand can send out unlimited messages to respond to the user.

Understanding how to leverage this Window is key. ITC Team has helped Havaianas put such a strategy in place to

1) encourage users to do menu clicks, visit Mini Program, register for membership

2) capture important data such as name, mobile, interests, product preferences and location.

Users Tagging & Segmentation

By understanding Havaianas’ user personas, ITC has set up tagging strategies to identify and segment Havaianas’ large fan base.

The tagging strategy is aimed to identify users based on:

  • Follower source
  • Identification
  • Behavior preference
  • Product preference
  • Activeness level
  • And more

Based on these, Havaianas is able to gradually build up, perfect the user profiles and obtain in-depth understanding of their customers. The different tags will then sort users into different segments and each segment will have a dedicated strategy in order to push better engagement rate. For instance, a VIP user on Havaianas OA and MP will receive exclusive deals and coupons, while a Low-Active, non-member user will be pushed membership incentives and promotions to encourage activity.

Segmented Posts on WeChat

With the tagging strategy in place, Havaianas has been able to identify 4 main types of segments on their WeChat Official Account:

  • Fashion leaders who are KOLs and KOCs wearing Havaianas products and leading fashion trends
  • Travellers who would like to find trendy & easily portable flip-flops
  • Indoor nerds who enjoy a cosy lifestyle with comfortable flip-flops
  • Others indicate unidentified segments who will be pushed various posts to further identify their preferences.

WeChat Posts will then be segmented accordingly. Different user segments will receive different Wechat posts. For instance, Fashion Leaders will receive product news related to the latest trends. Travellers will receive promotional posts about the different types of flip-flop collections ideal for the beach, while Indoor nerds will get posts related to the best pairs of flip-flops for their home style.

This tagging and segmentation strategy gives Havaianas the perfect opportunity to create personalization for their fans on a whole different level.

3. Bespoke WeChat Mini Program for A Better Direct-to-Customer Experience

Creating a direct-to-consumer (D2C) experience was among ITC’s core missions for Havaianas. Leveraging an Omnichannel approach built from the previously-mentioned system Integration strategy, ITC created a full WeChat ecosystem full system integration with Magento e-commerce backend, loyalty system, OMS, logistics, inventory management system, and offline Point of Sales (POS). Integration with the Marketing Automation system is also possible thanks to a headless infrastructure.

This implementation allows Havaianas to access full ownership of all data related to customer behaviors and analytics for a data-driven decision making approach. Visitors can also enjoy a personalized experience to encourage retargeting and maximize conversion rate.

Deep Diving Into Havaianas WeChat Mini Program User Journey

Try The Havaianas Mini Program 

havaianas mini program qr code


Havaianas’ visual identity is energetic and vivid, which is perfectly conveyed on the homepage. It consists of four major elements: a slider, a new products slider, top selling products categories, and categories per persona: Women, Men and Children.



Supporting Interactive Campaigns

At the top, a slider which includes all popular campaigns is displayed. When clicking on a campaign slide, users access to a specific landing page which contains the following elements:

  • Video
  • Product Concept
  • Color showcase
  • Product description
  • Product detail showcase

Each of these elements gives users insights on Havaianas’ products and styles, incentifying them to discover more about the brand.

Product Catalog

Havaianas has a wide range of products and multiple collections, ranging from both fixed collections to seasonal. Understanding the product prioritization and how to lead users to the right collection was a UX challenge. The ITC team has found a creative way to showcase both main categories and sub-categories.



Currently, there are five catalogues, each of which includes two sub-categories. When users click on the product banner, they will be redirected to a product catalogue page where they will receive details about the full collection.

Users can also sort and filter this product list by name, color, styles, gender, age and size.

Product Details Page

When users arrive on the product details page, they can easily switch the products by clicking on the different circles and read all details about the product description.WeChat sharing is also encouraged as users can easily find the Share Call-to-Action (CTA) right next to the price tag.

Shopping Cart

After adding products into the shopping cart, users can then proceed to check out. They can also choose to apply coupons (if there are promotions).Once purchased, the customer can comment, rate the product as well as reading others’ reviews and ratings. This User Generated Content (UGC) feature enables the ability for Havaianas to start populating a community of their flip-flop fans, receiving instant customer feedback and improving service quality.

Live Customer Service

Live Customer Service is integrated both with Havaianas WeChat Official Account and Mini Program. On the Mini Program, users can find a small chat box icon which represents the customer service chat box. As the icon is visible on every page, customers can easily access the chat whenever they have questions.

The live chat feature allows customers the chance to ask questions at any moment. It boosts customer satisfaction rate, facilitates purchases and encourages engagement.

4. Omnichannel Loyalty Strategies & Execution

The WeChat Mini Program was not only built for E-Commerce, but was also optimized for a Loyalty Program to promote recurring purchases and nurturing Havaianas’ fan base in China. Thanks to a well-rounded marketing automation strategy and a bespoke eCommerce Mini Program, users are rewarded with a certain number of points that will be accumulated throughout their engagement journey with Havaianas brand.

Macro Goals of Havaianas’ Loyalty Program Havaianas’ Loyalty program aims to serve the following macro and micro objectives:

1. Facilitating Sales & Revenue

  • Increase users’ purchases frequencies
  • Increase customer basket size

2. Boosting Brand Power & Visibility

  • Attract new customers onto Havaianas platforms
  • Engage both new and existing customers

3. Loyalty Logic

  • Havaianas’ loyalty logic is set up through 3 main criterias:
  • Registration: Upon registering on the Mini Program, users will be automatically registered for the Loyalty Program and can start accumulating points via multiple actions across the Mini Program.
  • Participation: In order to participate in the Loyalty Program and earn their Tiers, Havaianas customers will need to make purchases on the Mini Program. For recurring purchases and basket size, more points will be collected and counted towards their Tier. The higher Tier the user has, the more exclusive vouchers and benefits they can receive throughout their journey.
  • Accrue Points: Reward points are calculated based on the total amount spent.
  • 1RMB=Xpoints
  • X points are given to users on their birthday
  • X points are given to users if they share the Mini Program to encourage social sharing
  • X points are given to users if they make recurring purchases

Users can also review Loyalty status in My Profile page on the WeChat Mini Program, including their Tier Level, Accumulated Points, Points History, Membership rules and Rewards Section.

4. Reaching Omnichannel Goals and Private Traffic Excellence

With a well-rounded 4 Pillar Strategy fully integrated into all steps of Havaianas’ digital roadmap for China, ITC has helped Havaianas to:

  • Fully own 100% of their data through an empowered private traffic strategy
  • Seamlessly integrate between different assets for digital infrastructure that functions well both in and outside of the China firewall
  • Obtain deep understanding of customers’ data and behaviors across the WeChat ecosystem via Official Account and Mini Program
  • Personalize WeChat journeys and implement an innovate loyalty program for revenue maximization and customer satisfaction

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