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eCommerce Website in China with Magento Adobe Commerce: Ultra Personalization

Posted in E-commerce on December 2nd 2020
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Diamond Foundry : Creating Uniqueness

Diamond Foundry is a company that produces man-made diamonds in San Francisco, California. Their forward-looking technology enables them to make use of their laboratories to develop diamonds with to a high degree of skill and with complete carbon nonaligned accreditation.

Diamond Foundry inspects each diamond over 1,300 times to ensure that each one is genuine, unique, world-positive, and from a fail-safe source. Adapting this ​high level of personalisation to an eCommerce venture in China was a challenge that ITC was able to overcome using Adobe Commerce Magento.

Created by Martin Roscheisen, Diamond Foundry uses ​solar technology to sustainably create Diamonds. The company is also funded by Leonardo Di Caprio as well as investors in Google, Twitter or Facebook.

An Exceptional Product

Located in California, USA, Diamond Foundry is well known as a ​premium diamond producer​. Recently, ​Fast Company,​ a monthly US business magazine, focusing on tech, design, and business, ranked Diamond Foundry among the ​50 Most Innovative Companies and awarded it the 2nd prize in the Style category for the year 2018. It is evident that Diamond Foundry is a company interested in deploying quality tech innovation for its business growth and expansion.

The diamonds are mined from high-quality reserves and ​made in the US​. Therefore, the brand does not have any supply issues impacting the production of diamonds, whether in its raw or refined forms.

Far for Blood Diamond

Moreover, Diamond Foundry is far removed from “blood diamond” scandals, as their raw materials are sourced directly ​from California​. The term “Blood Diamond” refers to diamonds mined in a war zone and sold to finance insurgency. To tackle this unsettling trade, the World Diamond Congress at Antwerp has passed a Resolution calling for a global certification arrangement for the export or import of diamonds.

The arrangement was named the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme. Some years ago, Amnesty International began to publicly call out the activities of companies in contravention of this scheme, thereby strengthening the industry’s fight against sales of conflict diamonds.

Ultra Personalization

A typical individual only purchases a wedding ring once in their lifetime. People naturally want to make sure it’s ​the perfect choice​, and also treasure the memories associated with it. In response, Diamond Foundry commits itself to produce a unique product from raw diamonds.

Diamond Foundry’s customers can specify the ring size, the diamond design and size, down to the millimeter. In China, customization is a popular option. Why? Most users and customers are interested in brands that reflect their own personal style. Chinese buyers take ​product personalization​ very seriously.

What Diamond Foundry Needed

Diamond Foundry is well known and has a strong base in the States and many countries in Europe. However, like many other successful companies, they wanted to explore and expand into the Chinese market as well, ​selling exclusively online. Their sales were categorized as BtoB (selling raw diamonds) and BtoC (customizable rings).

Diamond Foundry discovered that it was important for customers to be able to visualize even the most minute details, and to get a detailed impression of how the ring would look like up-close, after each modification. However, most firms operating in this space only allowed customers to customize the items to a limited degree. This was how Diamond Foundry differentiated itself, as they enabled their users to customize any ring​ in any way.

IThe Project Developed by ITC for Diamond Foundry

Expanding into the Chinese marketplace, Diamond Foundry required an intuitive eCommerce website, custom-made to Chinese UX standards, but linked to its worldwide site. They required us to help showcase their potential in the Chinese market by making use of the best in web design and development technologies. IT Consultis successfully helped Diamond Foundry implement the technologies needed for ​scaling-up their company.

A website for the Chinese market.

It is very important to note that Chinese netizens do not have the same “diamond culture” as Westerners do. More specifically, they are not fond of buying rings specifically for weddings and other important occasions. Most Chinese put the ring aside under lock and key, taking it out only on important occasions such as anniversaries. Traditionally in China, it was not common for prominent men to have only one female partner, but several concubines. As a result, many contemporary Chinese men do not see wearing a wedding ring as a sign of status.

As it were, the challenge remains how to build a website that will not only attract them but will as well educate them to be fondler users of diamond rings. So, in this respect, we worked around taking a variety of approaches.

Localize UI/UX

Trying to ​localize a User Experience (UX) is an intricate process that most companies still struggle to implement, especially when it comes to the Chinese market. However, Diamond Foundry found a great localization partner in the ITC Team. We were able to create a custom-made UX that was fully-adapted to China.

IT Consultis has stylishly unified the calls to action, text, color palette, fonts to ​drive engagement as well as interaction from Chinese users. In a bid to help the brand actualize their China eCommerce dreams and potential, the ITC Team created the tools to help Diamond Foundry scale up. We worked to carefully ensure we removed redundancies and created custom solutions that reflected every stage of the localization process. Working with a collection of high-tech back-end features and a Chinese netizen staff, we were able to streamline the entire system.


The website of a company is ​responsive if it is adaptable to the mobile phone screen. To create a fully-responsive website for the Chinese market on behalf of Diamond Foundry, we were willing to work on the layout and media. Specifically, adopting the best skillset and technologies, we added responsive Meta tags to Diamond Foundry’s HTML documents. Among other things, we adjusted the images and fixed videos to be responsive, and we applied media queries to their website layout. In addition, ITC worked on the typography, making it readable on mobile phones.

WeChat Pay/Alipay

In China, the mobile payment industry is booming. In the year 2019, mobile payments soared to ​347 trillion Yuan​. That’s about 25% growth from the preceding year! In that year alone, China recorded over 100B mobile payment deals all through the country. Clearly, a mobile payment system was a necessity.

For Diamond Foundry, we installed ​WeChat Pay and ​Alipay mobile payment features. We focussed on simplicity: just by displaying a valid QR code, Diamond Foundry users could easily make their payments by mobile.

Connecting to the Chinese eCommerce System

Diamond Foundry has several vendors in the USA, and needed to connect them in order to better ​manage their inventory​.

Due to the extensive expertise we have had in cross-border eCommerce, ITC rendered eCommerce services to assist retailers and companies handle sales in the flourishing Chinese market. For Diamond Foundry, we created a China-oriented ​cloud infrastructure that is stable, flexible, secure, and ultra-fast. Moreover, we put in place a unified, incorporated eCommerce system and an optimized China-specific interface for customers. We delivered best-in-class brand management, digital transformation, research and consulting, as well as marketplace operations, to give Diamond Foundry the best possible start for their China eCommerce operations.

Enhance the Personalization

To achieve the personalization goals of Diamond Foundry we leveraged the 3D Studio and ReactJS technologies.

3D Studio Feature

The inclusion of a 3D studio feature made it easier for customers to tweak their designs, creating ultra customized diamond rings. Chinese consumers can interact with the ring, alter the design and play with the feature to create the perfect product.

Technologies Used

The back-end, power-driven by Adobe Commerce Magento, enables consistent utilities for the seller, order, and storeroom supervision. ReactJS was selected for the front-end, linked with Magento-supported back-end through APIs to showcase all the utilities.

React JS

We produced a design made with React JS that lets businesses build on the trust of their customers. It also allows them to work on the branding as well as the website content to attain high-quality design. With ReactJS, ITC was able to create a front-end library that performs on any web browser. One of the most sought-after web structure developers choose worldwide is React. With it, we were able to give Diamond Foundry an open and rich toolset that enables further maintenance, and boosts productivity for the general process of writing elements.

Adobe Commerce Magento

The experiment with Adobe Commerce Magento hinged on the fact that each diamond is special, and therefore the stock system must be created to respond to this need. The required network intersected with stores from Europe to the US. The configurator organized orders in Adobe Commerce in accordance  every diamond specifications that the customer selects. With Adobe Commerce, the customization of the order is essentially limitless.

Integrate Warehouse Logistics And Inventory Between US and Chinese Websites

Moreover, ITC worked to make efficient technological arrangements by fully ​integrating the portfolio and warehouse logistics between the US, Europe and China.

ITC helped Diamond Foundry to maintain a high level of customization, design quality, and growth in the market. The ITC Team was able to elevate the company in the eyes of prospects, and to scale the opportunities further.


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