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Creating an eCommerce Wechat Campaign: Roger Dubuis Case

Posted in E-commerce on October 20th 2020
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Roger Dubuis's Project in China

What is Roger Dubuis?

Years of continued excellence has seen Roger Dubuis come out as one of the best timepiece makers in the history of man. Renowned for luxury brands, the Richemont Group, Roger Dubuis stands out at a top rank in terms of creating stunning, exquisite wristwatches that suit different specifications. 

In achieving this, and in order to remain at the top of the scale, Roger Dubuis maintains a very high-quality standard of both products and services by following well-defined quality retention rules. This has consistently promoted its prestige, craftsmanship, and quality over the years. 

“From the outset, it was very important that our designs and developments have a distinctive aesthetic identity and also qualify for the Poinçon de Genève,” Mr. Dubuis said by telephone from Geneva to The New York Times.

A Unique Watch: Excalibur Spider Pirelli

At some point in the life of this brand, Roger Dubuis took a step to initiate a partnership with the famous Italian tire maker Pirelli. Roger Dubuis turned out to be the exclusive supplier to the popular auto racing's Formula One championship.

This development avails Roger Dubuis the opportunity to unveil their motorsports-inspired design series called Excalibur Spider Pirelli and bring a new emphasis on the unconventional materials used in the overall makeup of the exquisite products. 

The product was first unveiled in 2017 at the SIHH. It has since then continued to make waves in the USA and many other countries. This is so because not only are the products top-notch, Roger Dubuis continually makes new inclusions to the series as new designs continue to emerge. 

Roger Dubuis and eCommerce WeChat Campaigns

By creating an eCommerce WeChat Campaign, Roger Dubuis wanted to create a limited edition, triggering the Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) and creating traction. To continue, there is a need to first understand what WeChat is all about.

The WeChat Ecommerce Ecosystem in China

What is WeChat?

Things keep improving with time and so is WeChat, launched in January 2011 by Tencent as basically, an instant messaging app. But over the years, lots of features and improvements have been made. 

According to Statista, WeChat is currently accommodating well over 1.2 billion monthly  active users and the number continues to increase. 

Although the primary intent, as initially announced by Tencent, was for Wechat to serve as an ordinary instant messaging app, the later development has seen the app transform into a multipurpose app. This reason is part of why it keeps gaining new delightful users with every passing day. 

The functions of WeChat include the following: 

Instant Messaging 

The app is developed to allow users to send instant messages to people across the world. It also makes provision for contacting nearby strangers. Besides reaching friends, loved ones, and even strangers through texts, emojis, pictures, videos, etc... WeChat also allows users to create groups and reach wider audiences at the same time. It is also possible for users to make new friends via the app.

Official Accounts 

This is a provision made for companies, organizations, and agencies to register and create a WeChat Official account that enables them to send articles and messages to their followers. 

According to WeChatWiki there are over 50 million WeChat Business Official Accounts Active. 

Shopping and Making Payments

WeChat is also developed to accommodate a good level of people’s daily economic activities. Through this app, people can shop for goods and services and make a payment without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

Mini Programs

This is one of the features that were integrated very recently in 2017. Everything found in the WeChat Mini Programs ecosystem gives brands the opportunity to display their products and services, set up eCommerce functions, offer loyalty programs and much more. 

According to the Mini Program Development Report H1 2020 by, “there are already 3.2 million WeChat mini-programs and 410 million daily active users”.

There are many more features that may not be mentioned in this article. Some of the above features are why brands such as Roger Dubuis will not hesitate to launch campaigns in order to reach new customers in real-time. 

WeChat is the main social media platform used in China, and this is therefore the main touchpoints for brands.

Let us look at the different trending WeChat campaigns and those most suitable to Roger Dubuis. 

The Different WeChat Campaigns

As it stands today, WeChat Campaigns have been rated as some of the most effective ways to enhance engagement in China. The reason is not far fetched. It is already known that this app accommodates a tremendous amount of users, most of who are active on a daily basis

It then means that each time a new campaign is run on the app, there are greater chances of getting such a campaign to more viewers than other apps with lesser patronage. People are certainly not on the app for the mere sake of being there. They are rather there because one, two, or more of the many integrated awesome features keeps them engaged. 

It is important to note that, at the present, WeChat does not have any default framework in-house for campaign management. It is for this reason that organizations and agencies outsource such tasks to specialist agencies.

Question & Answer Campaign

When a company begins to desire users’ feedback or introduce a new concept to its customers, Q&A campaigns are the best approach for them. Most often, people also include Q&A campaigns in market surveys, which gives them direct feedback from Chinese customers. 

Q & A Campaign is one of the most effective for young companies due to its potential to grow a follower base and improve engagement. One of the most effective ways of running this campaign is to offer incentives to followers to draw their attention. 

WeChat Offline to Online (O2O) Campaign

As it goes, many brands now have their eCommerce store connected to their WeChat and this makes the app social commerce. They use push notifications to followers with the QR code link. To make store links visible, they are often embedded in posts that are sent to groups and communities of followers.  The ultimate goal is to drive WeChat followers to the Offline store and offer them there an unforgettable experience.

HTML5/H5 Orientation Campaign 

This is more like a good mini-site through which brands interact with their followers. any brands are incorporating H5 pages into their posts and official accounts. This approach is often used for a brand awareness campaign, event promotion, product introduction, and market feedback and analysis. With the rise of Mini Program, we see those H5 campaigns less and less since the UX is a bit less intuitive than the one you can have on the Mini Programs.

Exclusive Quality Content Sharing

People who follow this approach often refer to WeChat as the ‘WeChat Times’ because it feeds the audience with their needed daily information about world trends. 

This, therefore, means that one can use the WeChat platform as a launchpad for good content such as exclusive news, discounts, white paper, new statistics, and data.

Everything happens on WeChat official accounts and WeChat groups. Moreover, a brand can have several WeChat groups where they send content daily.

For instance, Perfect Diary started just a few years ago and is growing at the speed of light. They are using WeChat accounts with a fictional Key Opinion Consumer that place you on WeChat groups. You can then enjoy exclusive promotions sent to the WeChat groups.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs offer rewards, discounts or other special incentives and are designed as a reward for brand loyalty.

For the watch brand Swatch, ITC developed a loyalty program to engage with Chinese customers. The goal was to improve the product offerings and facilitate re-purchase. 

We successfully create an Omnichannel experience for Swatch customers using WeChat, SMS,  the Swatch Club Portal, offline stores, among others.

Referral Campaign 

Referral campaigns involve practices to incite users speaking, commenting and sharing about the Brand. For a leading cat food and toy Brand- Vetreska- we engineered a referral program to push into the personalization and deepen the customer experience. A point system was developed, encouraging people to share Vetreska Mini Program to receive points that could be converted into real money. Referral programs are powerful ways to increase brand awareness and make people know about your Mini Program. Those incentive and referral program need to abide by the ever evolving WeChat regulations 

The Roger Dubuis WeChat Campaign developed by ITC

The WeChat Campaign had several goals. Among them, the desire to showcase the technical excellence and uniqueness of Excalibur Spider Pirelli. Another one was to  trigger more engagement and sales with an O2O campaign. Last but not least, Roger Dubuis wanted to create a unique, special and memorable experience for their WeChat Mini Program users. 

A Unique Race Against Time 

Only 88 pieces of the Excalibur Spider Pirelli were made available on the WeChat Mini Program, and orders could only be made during 6 days. The scarcity of the product triggered an urgency in consumers’ minds to order it. 

Unique products must also mean unique experience. The WeChat campaign was designed to offer a personalized and close experience with the brand. Before the launch of the campaign, a teaser was displayed to feed users’ excitation about the new watch. They could even listen to roaring sounds that underline the partnership with the Pirelli brand. Once the deposit was paid, Roger Dubuis would directly contact the customers to arrange a personalized tour in their offline store

Seduce Chinese buyers

In order to offer Chinese buyers the best experience possible, Roger Dubuis came out with references to Chinese traditional values and customs. In the Chinese culture, the number 8 refers to wealth and luck. It is the favorite number of Chinese people, who don’t hesitate to buy very expensive phone numbers containing a maximum of 8 to attract luck.

To play with this strong meaning, the WeChat campaign for Excalibur Spider Pirelli launch was designed to last only 8888 minutes, it was required to pay a 8888RMB deposit, only 88 pieces were made available.


In less than a week, the WeChat campaign gathered 5 million visualizations, 207 000 engagements and  their WeChat Official Account gained 7 500 followers.

This WeChat Campaign was a huge success and permitted Roger Dubuis to gain notoriety  in the Chinese market. They could display their understanding of the cultural and technical codes of China while promoting their products.

In a word, Roger Dubuis’ campaign for Excalibur Spider Pirelli pushed the brand’s name higher in the Chinese Luxury landscape.

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