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Drupal Camps China, We Were There!

Posted in News & Events on May 3rd 2016

As Drupal experts, we could not have missed the biggest community events around Drupal in China. We are proud to have sponsored the two latest Drupal camps in China, it was a lot of fun! We've met new friends and can't wait for the next Drupal camp!

Shanghai in March

ITC booth at Drupal camp Our Co-Founder Thomas with Becky, one of the Drupal Camp organizers in Shanghai.

Drupal cookies Great workshops at the Drupal Camp Shanghai; from Drupal and Docker to how to make your own beer.

Chongqing in April

Drupal Camp Chongqing

ITC at Drupal Camp Chongqing

Drupal drop

We loved the very warm welcome in Chongqing and the spicy food!

Lucky Drupaler

We even had a lucky draw on WeChat for attendees to get a chance to win a Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi lucky draw

We're pleased to introduce Douglas, our winner in Shanghai. Douglas is a new Drupal fan and he's already working on a project using Drupal 8. He came to our office to meet the team and get his gift, here are some pictures:

Aurelien, Nanie and Douglas Aurelien (Co-Founder and Vice-President), Nanie (HR Manager) and Douglas (the lucky winner)

Douglas and Shifu Douglas meeting Shifu for the first time

As a reminder, we're always looking for Drupalers among others so send us your applications!

Drupal 8 and ITC

Last, we'd like to shout a big thank you to the organizers and all attendees, see you all very soon!