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[Shanghai] China E-commerce Landscape 2018 - A Presentation of ITC to Boulanger's Board of Directors

Posted in News & Events on May 31st 2018

China’s e-commerce market has been growing at a staggering level in recent years, becoming the largest in the world. While this is a well-known fact, the key factors that propelled this massive growth are less known. Why was this growth possible? What made e-commerce so successful in China? Why has this revolution happened in China, but not yet in other regions of the world?

To answer these questions, we were invited to host a one-hour presentation about the China E-commerce Landscape to the Boulanger's Board of Directors on Monday, May 28 2018.

Boulanger is a leading French retailer of electronics and home appliances and a part of the Auchan Group. A delegation of directors was sent from France to get more insights on the ever-changing Chinese retail landscape, and ITC was selected to give a presentation on the Digital and E-commerce ecosystem in China.

ITC’s Aurélien Rigart (Co-founder, Vice President) and Michele Mascolo (Senior Marketing Manager) gave an overview on the digital landscape, as well as insights on the major e-commerce platforms, consumers behavior in China, new trends, the role of KOLs and much more. With a deep focus on how the platforms have been shaped to resonate with the Chinese users, the presenters also discussed specificities such as ease of delivery, mobile payments, usage of QR codes and more.

Alexis Richez (China Leader at ZTP and organizer of the event, commented:

The Boulanger delegation was really pleased by the presentation. ITC was able to provide a clear overview of the Chinese Ecommerce landscape while providing in-depth comparison between the French and the Chinese ecosystem. Furthermore, the speakers were also able to explain the driving forces behind the Chinese E Commerce growth, and showed how the major players are leveraging local specificities and the latest digital trends to drive sales. I am looking forward to organizing more and more events like this with ITC!

We were really honored to be able to share our knowledge and insights on these topics, and look forward to cooperating again in the future.