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[Singapore] China Digital Landscape & WeChat Dominating - A Sharing with ABN AMRO Bank

Posted in News & Events on January 22nd 2019

On January 17, the General Manager of ITC Singapore, Adrien Boué was invited to speak at a workshop organised by ABN AMRO Singapore. ABN AMRO is one of the Netherlands’ leading banking groups, headquartered in Amsterdam with branches in 19 countries and territories. It focuses on corporate & institutional banking in the Asia Pacific with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Part of the APAC Innovation Series, it is a series of workshops presented exclusively for ABN AMRO team members. The event attracted more than 100 participants from ABN AMRO Singapore and live streamed to all other APAC offices.

More than 100 people attended the event in Singapore...

...and remotely in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia.

Adrien’s presentation focused on the vital role WeChat plays within China’s Digital Landscape, covering the most important aspects, including:

  • WeChat Pay - the Era of Mobile Payments
  • Social Commerce and Mini Programs
  • WeChat CRM & Content Personalisation of Content

The latest statistics, real-life case studies of WeChat applications in the financial and banking industry, as well as many actionable takeaways, provided the audience with an all-rounded knowledge of the unique WeChat ecosystem.

Agricultural Bank of China Mini Program - an interesting case study of a Chinese bank using Mini Program to provide its banking services, offers, and bank locators.

As part of ABN AMRO Innovation series, Adrien Boué delivered a lively and insightful presentation on WeChat. Very refreshing in our Corporate Banking culture! It was mesmerising to understand its wide ecosystem and the intricacies in Chinese society. By demonstrating the power of integrated products and services with examples, combined with a strong messaging and payment platform, Adrien gave us a glimpse of the WeChat future of Banking.

---- Guilhem Vincens, ABN AMRO Asia-Pacific Head of Change & Innovation, organiser of the event

Thank you ABN AMRO Bank for hosting us in your office and Mr. Guilhem Vincens for having us at the event. Looking forward to more collaboration in the future!