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Check out our new offices!

Posted in News & Events on May 30th 2016

For those who know us since our beginning, you've probably visited our old offices. The ones with this fashion carpet.

Shifu on fancy carpet

You've also probably seen how we succeeded in optimizing the space over there, fitting up to 35 colleagues even if this meant removing a meeting room to have a descent working space for our people.

We kept hiring and hiring (and we're still hiring a lot btw) but there was no way we could have continued expanding in the same space. Time came for us to find a much bigger place and since our neighbourhood is so convenient for everybody to get here, we've took 2 office spaces just across the hall and combined them into a massive one.

We'd like to specially thank our team who was of a tremendous help for the moving day. We had some volunteers come on a Saturday to move and set up everything.

Team dismantling tables

Team moving desks

Team settling in

We're happy to announce we're now all settled in our new offices. We're even more happy to say we have 2 proper meeting rooms again and a cool rest area to chill out.

Just so you know, we also have 2 sets of private toilets and that's something worth mentioning in China. You won't believe how having 2 toilets instead of 1 can improve time efficiency. Simple things do matter. One of them even has a shower for those who wants to hit the gym before work.

We upgraded our old coffee machine with a fancy new one called Jura and received a beer machine called Tapee for you to enjoy a bit after work. And soon we will arrive a BBQ and a small golf carpet for our great balcony.

beer machine


Back end office


In case of fire

We chose to tear down the walls to have a big open space that can support our team expansion for the many years to come. In other words: we still have plenty of room and looking for new members to fill the empty spots! Here's the list of profiles we are urgently looking for.

  • 3 Drupal Developers
  • 2 Magento Developers
  • 2 Front End Developers
  • 2 PHP/Laravel Developers
  • 2 Web Designers
  • 1 System Administrator
  • 2 Quality Assurance Managers
  • 1 Project Manager

If you can't find the position that fits your skills, there's probably still a way you can join our family. Simply send us your CV and explain what's your project and what you can add to our team.

And since we've hit our 5th year anniversary this year, we've decided to have a little get together in our brand new offices with our clients, partners and friends to celebrate all these happy events.

We had great food from Urban Thai, a big birthday cake, lots of drinks and plenty of amazing guests.

ITC cake

ITC pictures

The party went ~~almost until sunrise~~ slightly beyond midnight and it was very fun to stay in the office this late for something else than project deadlines (or Team Fortress).

ITC team at the office warming party

Once more, we'd like to thank our amazing team, clients and partners for all their support along these years. Our growth is not about to stop any soon and we'll make sure to keep you posted. Like a wise mind once said: to the infinity and beyond!