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[APRIL 19] ITC Report - Latest Digital Projects

Posted in Business on April 12th 2019
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Shanghai Grand Theatre’s Website

Revamp Revitalizing the Digital Assets of a Landmark of Arts

Shanghai Grand Theatre is one of China’s greatest artistic pride and is considered one of the best-equipped automatic stages in the world. For its 20th anniversary, Shanghai Grand Theatre decided to revamp its website to revitalize its digital assets and once more position itself as a landmark of arts.

As content and Ecom-driven website, Shanghai Grand Theatre needed a neat and eye-catching UX. Moreover, it was necessary to craft a more agile purchasing process for the tickets to events and integrate a membership log in function through which SGT could implement loyalty reward programs.

The backend is powered by Drupal 8, one of the best content management system that can efficiently support websites with a large amount of content, while can be optimized for loading speed. In terms of front-end development, ReactJS was chosen for all UX features implementation, and thanks to its high reusability, many components were scaled up for maximum reusability, instead of building features from scratch.

Fondation IPSEN Website Development

Enable a Philanthropic Foundation to Spread Knowledge

The Fondation IPSEN is a non-profit foundation under the aegis of Fondation de France entirely and philanthropically dedicated to disseminating and adapting scientific knowledge to as a great of an audience as possible. It also aims at helping and sustaining the new generations of scientists and at raising awareness and researching resolutions for significant causes.

IPSEN identifies and brings together experts in pivotal fields. The project consisted of crafting a website that would turn IPSEN in a catalyst for scientific knowledge. WordPress was used as a Framework and CMS to develop an easy to manage platform that could respond to their needs for Science articles sharing. The best features of the website are the hierarchy of the different articles that correspond to the different ages of the users including children, teenagers, and adults to ease the discovery of Science. The primary UI / UX accomplishments have been an easy to navigate website for children, and the website acts as a connection between all scientists and the public.

Yannick Tanguy, the project manager of Fondation IPSEN, shared his thoughts on this project:

The Teams of IT Consultis are much more than web development experts. By understanding and integrating easily our strategic issues and objectives, they delivered the best solution, with navigation ergonomics and design which outreached our expectations. Our site, which we initially considered as a basic communication tool, became, thanks to their efforts and passion, a hyphen between us, worldwide scientists, and our audience.”

Kaleidoscope WeChat Campaign for Diamond Producers Association

A Shining UGC WeChat Campaign

In this project, we worked hand to hand with BBH advertising agency to create a tailored WeChat Campaign for the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) called Kaleidoscope. DPA was born in 2015 from the merger of some of the world's leading diamond companies, including ALROSA, De Beers, Dominion Diamond, Gem Diamonds, Lucara Diamond, Murowa Diamonds, Petra Diamonds, Rio Tinto, which commit to secure the integrity and the long term sustainability of the industry.

Kaleidoscope consisted of a user-generated content campaign during which users were able to upload a picture and see it transformed into a diamond which could be shared with their friends and in their WeChat Moments. Some customization features were also included, allowing the user to personalize their diamonds.

To realize the 3D models our team cooperated with Vision Max and crafted the unique user experience which was key to the success of the campaign. The wins for DPA with this project were increasing the engagement of their brand with the customers - in the first 12 days the campaign ran, 1900 diamonds were created - and having their message resonate through the WeChat moments of the users who actively shared those personalized diamonds.

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