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5 Redmine Plugins that will change the way you work

Posted in Tech on April 17th 2014
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If you haven't heard of Redmine before, it is an open source, cross-platform and cross-database, flexible project management web application. And it's at the very core of the way we work here at IT Consultis - using Scrum methodology. When it comes to implementing Scrum methodology within a development team, Redmine is a great tool. It offers incredibly useful features such as multiple projects support, flexible issue tracking system, file management and notification feeds, just to name a few, but still needs some modifications to perfectly adapt to your team's particular needs. Here are 5 plugins that make these modifications possible:

Redmine Checklist Plugin

Simply put, this small plugin allows you to create and modify checklists. Once installed, it becomes much easier to manage small tasks within a Redmine issue. Even better, you can sort the lists differently according to your priority. Simple and efficient.

Agile Plugin

This plugin is just great! It transforms Redmine into a powerful agile project management system. Thanks to this one, it is now possible to move issues from one status to a different one, by dragging and dropping them in the correct column. Need to assign someone to a task ? Easy, just drag and drop your team member to the correct card. This is an awesome way to be efficient in stand up meetings!

Progressive Projects List

As part of the Scrum methodology, we need to track how far we are within any sprint. This plugin makes it really easy to do the tracking by displaying a progress bar below the project title. This progressive bar will be filled by two colors as project tasks are carried out: - a light color to reflect the advance in term of task % - a dark color to show the advance in terms of tasks closed.

Timelog Timer

This is a one-feature plugin as well. A simple one but so useful! Our team was not happy about not being able to start logging the time on an task while reading and starting work on it. They had to use their own timers and then to report the actual time used. Since we use this plugin, we have the possibility to keep track of time on an on-going basis which gives us a more accurate and precise time on our Redmine issues.


AgileDwarf plugin for Redmine becomes useful when you have a big team and multiple projects to handle. Once installed, it implements the agile method based on pre-estimating every task in hours (instead of points) and adds 3 tabs to your navigation: sprints, tasks and run charts, which together allow you to strategically plan and get an overview of the day-to-day tasks' activity. What do we love about this plugin ? Being able to get a lot of visual information about the status of the project, especially being able to spot some burns on the project. Great tool but definitely for more advanced user.

There you have it! The 5 plugins that will take Redmine to the next level and personalize it to suit all of your team's needs. Know any plugins we should include in our list? Let us know in the comments below!

**Please note that we are not Redmine developers and we are not the author of these plugins, we are therefore not able to provide support for any problem you could have with Redmine.